What are Inay Moments? In every journey of a mother, there are always moments of exhaustion and self-doubt. Inay Moments are occasions in every mother's life that are sweet and emotional. These are cherished memories mothers go through that make it all worth it. Moms choose to remember these Inay Moments to reminisce about the beautiful movie reel made as their children grow up. 

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How We Started and
the Woman Behind

โ€œAs a mom, we all deserve self-love moments,โ€ 

Inay Moments started as a small mompreneur business in 2015, Headed by Joana Ramirez, a breastfeeding advocate herself. She was then pregnant, looking for nursing undergarments to aid her soon-breastfeeding- journey. One of the things she also worries about is shedding excess weight and skin. As a form of self-love, Mommy Joana searched for products that would help her get back to her old shape. For her, postpartum shape wears are just as essential as Nursing wear. We all deserve self-love moments, including underwear, of course. During that time, there were limited options to just shopping in malls. She has tried searching online but couldnโ€™t find a local brand that sells nursing bras and postnatal binders, except for some International brands that she finds a bit costly. That is when her entrepreneurial mind kicks in, and shortly after, she opened her online shop selling the duo, Nursing Bra + Postnatal Binders, and Instagram was her platform of choice. That was in September of 2015, a month after her third child was born.  

Experiences Along The Way

What started as a one-woman team grew steadily and exponentially. The products Inay Moments offered were suddenly in high demand, and Joana was astounded. Inay Moments started with a small list of products with Nursing Bras and Postpartum Girdles, and these products were what customers swore by and often shared with friends. The quality of the products did not mean that customers had to shell out thousands of pesos to acquire them. Joana was adamant that quality and high prices need not equate, not for her and certainly not for her customers. She made sure that her products were within the budget and no compromises to quality. She believed that every mother deserved high quality and reasonably priced nursing wear. This is the promise of Inay Moments.

In October of 2016, the company joined the bustling and exciting world of mom bazaars. It helped catapult the brand name Inay Moments into the market. Joana and her team loved meeting customers, some of whom they have talked to via chats on Instagram and Facebook only. The customersโ€™ word-of-mouth referrals headed them even further, and they could not be more grateful for the love and the trust. Inay Moments was growing more and more, yet our Mompreneur Joana insisted on getting to know her clientele personally. She made sure she would speak with them, shared motherhood anecdotes, made them feel like it was a community because the famous adage does ring true โ€“ it takes a village to raise a child

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Our  Promise and the Future

We are now coming into the 6th year of making Pre-Natal, Nursing, and Post-Partum wear more accessible to mothers. We want to be there for every Filipinaโ€™s journey of Motherhood. We want to be the first thought when you think of Nursing Bras and postpartum binders. We want to make this community we have established the past five years into a safe space for all kinds of mothers, no matter what choices they make in raising their children. We promise to bring the same quality and experience to every customer we have. Shopping with us won't feel like a chore - itโ€™s an experience and a community. We want to expand our product line in the future to whatever it is that will make the early stages of breastfeeding relaxed and more bearable, because to be honest, those first months arenโ€™t a walk in the park. We will be there for you no matter what, and we want to make it more stylish for you.

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