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Inay Moments Postnatal Tummy Band with Enhanced Belt

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LOSE YOUR BELLY FAT FASTER AFTER GIVING BIRTH - Wrapping the belly and waist tightly speeds up recovery after birth, makes you look instantly slimmer, adds confidence, and helps you feel better after baby. This tummy band may also help in common conditions like abdominal separation or post-surgical recover


  • GENTLE, BREATHABLE MESH FABRIC: Comfortable, Soft, and Stretchy mesh fabric, light to wear, perfect for both Natural and C-section birth.
  • TRIPLE COMPRESSION FASTENING: 3-Step Compression Fastening Technology heals and Reshapes Waist and Tummy. 2 Extra Belts help to target specific areas which need Support and Recovery the most.
  • BACK SUPPORT AND IMPROVED POSTURE: Built-in Bone design helps support the lower Back and Improve Posture, especially for breastfeeding moms. 
  • 9" Height;
  • 65% Polyester; 35% Spandex
  • One color only: Skintone 

Size Guide:

  • Medium- 24-30" waistline
  • Large- 31-34" waistline
  • Extra Large - 34-38" waistline
  • XXL -  39-43" waistline 

Note:  This is based on the current waistline. If you are still pregnant, the size to follow is "the pre-pregnancy waistline plus 5 inches". That's most likely the size of the tummy after giving birth.

Example. Pre-pregnancy waistline is between 27-28", plus 5" equals 32-33" ..recommended size to purchase is Large.