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Inay Moments Postnatal Tummy Band with Enhanced Belt

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LOSE YOUR BELLY FAT FASTER AFTER GIVING BIRTH - Wrapping the belly and waist tightly speeds up recovery after birth, makes you look instantly slimmer, adds confidence and helps you feel better after baby.


  • GENTLE, BREATHABLE MESH FABRIC: Comfortable, Soft and Stretchy mesh fabric, light to wear, perfect for both Natural and C-section birth.
  • TRIPLE COMPRESSION FASTENING: 3-Step Compression Fastening Technology heals and Reshapes Waist and Tummy. 2 Extra Belts help to target specific areas which need Support and Recovery the most.
  • BACK SUPPORT AND IMPROVED POSTURE: Built-in Bone design helps support the lower Back and Improve Posture,.especially for breastfeeding moms. 
  • 9" Height;
  • 65% Polyester; 35% Spandex
  • One color only: Skintone 

Size Guide:

  • Medium- 24-30" waistline
  • Large- 31-34" waistline
  • Extra Large - 34-38" waistline
  • XXL -  39-43" waistline 

Note:  This is based on the current waistline. If you are still pregnant , the size to follow is "the pre-pregnancy waistline plus 5 inches". That's most likely the size of the tummy after giving birth.

Example. Pre pregnancy waistline is between 27-28", plus 5" equals 32-33" ..recommended size to purchase is Large.